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    Columbia University Student Will Drag Her Mattress Around Campus Until Her Rapist Is Gone

    "I think the act of carrying something that is normally found in our bedroom out into the light is supposed to mirror the way I’ve talked to the media and talked to different news channels, etc," Emma continues in the full video which you can watch here. 

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  3. "I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and naïve…I want woman to look stronger…I don’t like women to be taken advantage of…I don’t like men whistling at women in the street. I think they deserve more respect. I like men to keep their distance from women, I like men to be stunned by an entrance. I’ve seen a woman get nearly beaten to death by her husband. I know what misogyny is … I want people to be afraid of the women I dress"
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    Love her.

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    Steve Diet Goedde

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    Steve Diet Goedde

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    well he really should have worn more protective clothing if he didn’t want that to happen
    sounds to me like he was asking for it

    Are we really sure he was actually shot and decapitated? Idk, sounds like something he would’ve made up. Guys make false decapitation accusations all the time, you know. 

    If he didn’t want to be decapitated, he shouldn’t have worn a shirt that showed off his neck

    I mean, it’s in a woman’s nature to decapitate and shoot men. Men just have to be more careful.

    It’s the same old story. You have a good time with this guy and the next morning he’s crying decapitation so people don’t think he decapitates around.

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  8. Very rare - black orchid or Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight.

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    i expected a lot of cute hair, but all i got was a lot of cute hare

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    "His grandmother and I are raising him. I worry about putting him into the public school system. I was a teacher for many years. I’ve seen so much confidence destroyed by the standardized system. Every human is born with natural curiosity. I’ve never seen a child who wasn’t inspired. But once you force someone to do anything, the inspired person is killed. I dropped out of school myself in 7th grade. So I know. I taught a GED course for years, so I’ve seen the end results over and over. I’ve seen so many kids who have complexes and insecurities because they were forced to do something they weren’t ready to do, and then they were blamed when they weren’t able to do it. What we call ‘education’ today is not organic. You can’t take something as complex as the human mind, compartmentalize it, and regiment its development so strictly."